FDCP Patient Testimonials

Treatment through the FDCP has life-impacting results for program patients, even beyond improving their oral health. This type of opportunity can be an invaluable turning point and a catalyst toward a future built on stronger mental/emotional/physical well-being; helping patients overcome obstacles that they previously felt were insurmountable, and opening doors to more opportunities.

I can not express to you enough how much gratitude I have for all that your program has contributed to the many changes in my life, both professionally and personally. Without the program, I would not have been able to have the position I currently hold; I am able to present in a professional manner. What a change from this time last year when I feared I would be unemployable in my field. I have been able to break a cycle of poverty I had been living in due to limited options for employment. And a bonus, I have a perfect smile.
Age 55
I was so fortunate to have qualified for the Fundy Dental Community Project. Let me say that your services have completely changed my life. Suffering from depression, anxiety and low self-esteem... My whole experience was amazing.
Age 70
The FDCP has made me feel there is light at the end of the tunnel and I can get back to myself again and I will be able to hold my head high with a smile that I can be proud of. I don’t have to hide my mouth anymore and I am pain free and that’s amazing all on its own. ...They have given me hope I had lost. I can only hope this program keeps going so that people like myself have a chance to be who they truly are and not have to hide behind a shirt because they are embarrassed or have fake smiles when they are in so much pain. ...Thank you for giving me this great opportunity and thank you for helping me feel pain free.
Age 38
This program has affected me by allowing me to feel more comfortable with myself and smile. I always used to cover my mouth when laughing and now I can do so freely and comfortably without fear or judgment.
Age 24
It has reduced my stress due to dental issues that had to be addressed. It’s a relief financially, physically and mentally...
Age 51
This program has made my self-confidence improve tons. I cannot express how grateful and appreciative I am for this opportunity. Without this opportunity I could never have been able to afford my teeth. ...Thank you again for my wonderful smile.
Age 48
I was very happy to hear of such a welcoming program. I was treated with the greatest respect and I look forward to my experiences with this program. I was overwhelmed by the kindness of the staff and doctors. They did every possible thing to reduce my pain.
Age 58
I want to thank [FDCP Staff] from the bottom of my heart. You have made my graduation the best. I could not stop smiling and not hiding it! Thank you for all your work with me. This is a great thing you are doing for people out there. Lots of Love.
Age 29
It was a good experience; everyone was so good to me, professional and understanding. I would highly suggest this to someone else.
Age 67
This program has not only given me relief from pain, it has given me a peace of mind that I am doing well taking care of my dental health. Without this program I would not have this opportunity.
Age 32
I hated going to the Dentist, but going to Fundy Dental was a delight. They made you feel welcomed. It is a very nice place to be. Everything is explained to you before the procedure takes place. I don’t have a toothy smile, but I know I have nice teeth, and that gives me confidence.
Age 64
This has truly been a life changing experience in every way and I am beyond grateful. My health, confidence and total self esteem has been greatly increased. I am no longer in pain daily and recommend this project often. I feel blessed to have been a part…. Amazing people (entire staff) and incredible project greatly needed in all communities.
Age 46
It (FDCP) allowed me to have significant work done that was causing me pain. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it and would have to (have) lived with it.
Age 33
Gave me my smile back, no pain, great experience…. Very professional staff.
Age 59
This program was a dream come true. Truly an answer to my prayers. I feel that is has given me a second chance. I feel so much healthier. I don’t have to be in denial anymore about my teeth. All I do now is smile. I am so proud of my teeth.
Age 37
This program was a great experience. I had a lot of work to be done on my teeth that normally would cost me an arm and a leg. FDCP has enabled me to afford such dental work and all of it …It was my first time getting any dental work done and I wasn’t exactly prepared for the pain and discomfort I would encounter. They made it quite bearable. ...I liked everything about the program and the people were friendly. Instead of looking down on me because of my financial situation they became a part of the solution.
Age 24
I have more confidence in talking to others and generally feel better overall. Not in pain all the time. Appreciated that no one made me feel degraded that my dental work was not kept up over the years.
Age 68
The program gave me the confidence to work in public again since I had the repairs. I have found a full time job and I’m very happy there. Thank you so much!
Age 48
The program gave me confidence and allowed me to eat fresh healthy food. I can’t thank them enough. My life is a lot happier and healthier. Couldn’t ask for better staff and service, everyone was so kind, and thoughtful. I had the best dental experience ever.
Age 78
Now that all remaining infected teeth have been removed, I am able to focus on oral gum health and proper diet. The new bottom dentures will help with chewing. They also give me confidence knowing I have a full smile now.
Age 60
This program has changed my life. My self-esteem has gone up and I can enjoy life. The people here are phenomenal.
Age 35
If it was not for this program I could never afford to get my teeth done. My mouth does not hurt anymore. I am much happier and not scared to smile anymore.
Age 39
This program has been a great thing for me. Even at my age, it is wonderful to be able to get my teeth back, no longer have a gap there, and to be able to chew…. Everyone was friendly, kind and helpful re: questions I might have. A big THANK YOU to all who helped me with my 'big project'!
Age 88
Wonderments that a project like Fundy Dental Community Project is around. Astonished by the way I have been treated with every bit of respect from Sonya, technicians, dentists and student dentist from Dal and all in the building.
Age 65
I have confidence again. I can smile without worrying...are my teeth showing. Now I smile! I took a selfie with my daughter for the first time ever. Wonderful staff. Wonderful job, so pleased. Was treated with respect and dignity.
Age 57
The program was very helpful to people in my situation, and it feels nice to not have tooth pain. Everything went smooth, great staff who were helpful and supportive.
Age 39
It has helped me very much. If it wasn’t for this program, I would not have the smile that I have today. (I) Just want to thank everyone who helped me there. The Fundy Dental Project is great, I am sure glad I found out about it. Thank You All!
Age 54
Acceptance into this program has definitely changed my life for the better. I am more confident at work, smile more, able to be more affectionate with my girlfriend. It made a big improvement in my health and confidence and general wellbeing.
Age 33
I was losing a lot of teeth because I couldn't afford to repair them and they were painful. This program allowed me to fix my teeth.
Age 59