Unfortunately, we are not accepting any new applications, as of Dec. 31 - 2021.

What is the Fundy Dental Community Project?

The Fundy Dental Community Association [FDCA] established the Fundy Dental Community Project [FDCP] to help patients with limited income to gain control of their dental health. Local dentists provide basic dental services at a significantly reduced cost* to eligible youth and adults who are motivated to change their current oral condition.

Fundy Dental Centre has partnered with the FDCA (a CRA registered charity) to enable the daily operations of this invaluable initiative in the Annapolis Valley.

(*) Treatment provided in FDCP is not free, but provided at a highly subsidized rate.

Who is eligible for the FDCP Program?

Patients are selected based on a number of criteria (motivation, dental need and financial constraints). A detailed application form must be submitted in full to Fundy Dental Centre.  The Federal Low Income Levels are used to confirm true financial need, but patients must also have significant dental disease to be eligible for this program. Click here for more info.

If accepted into FDCP, what happens next?

Patients that are accepted into the FDCP program will have a treatment plan developed to restore their mouth to a healthy condition. Appointments will be scheduled as in a typical dental practice setting; however, the cost of treatment will be based on a nominal fee per hour of dental service. Patients will be educated on how their dental health became an issue and will be shown how to maintain their healthy mouth for the future.

Patients have one year to complete this treatment, and will be dismissed from the program once the presenting problems have been corrected. Subsequent dental treatment is the responsibility of the patient in a general practice setting.


CRA Registered Charity: Fundy Dental Community Association #BN 754741098 RR0001