Unfortunately, we are not accepting any new applications, as of Dec. 31 - 2021.

Dental Services

The Fundy Dental Community Project is designed to provide patients with limited income general preventative dental services and basic restorative treatment. Other than in special circumstances, the following dental services are provided in FDCP. 

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A major aspect of this program is to relieve patients from sources of pain and infection. Teeth that require removal are included in this program, whether simple uncomplicated extractions or surgical removal of impacted teeth.

Our dentists are all general dentists, therefore, teeth that require removal by an Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon will not be eligible under this program.

This option allows patients to save a tooth that otherwise would have to be extracted. Patients who qualify for this program are eligible to have anterior teeth, bicuspids and first molars retained with this option. A tooth must be restorable without immediate crown fabrication to qualify under this program.

Second and third molars are not eligible for RCT in this program.

White filling (composite) and metal fillings (amalgam) are provided, as deemed appropriate by the dentist responsible for developing the treatment plan.

Occasionally after root canal treatment a tooth requires a post and large filling to restore its shape and function.

Many people function well with missing teeth. However, missing front teeth can often be a barrier to employment. Acrylic partial dentures to replace missing front teeth are eligible under the FDCP program.

Dentures are an eligible procedure for patients that have lost all their teeth in a single arch.

Note: Replacement dentures are not an eligible procedure.

In special circumstances custom appliances can be eligible in this program (retainers, night guards, mouth guards).

One reason patients avoid dental treatment is due to anxiety. Sedation options are provided with this program.

Patients must attempt oral sedative drugs or nitrous oxide gas initially, however, IV sedation is an option under special circumstances.

Once sources of pain and potential infection are removed, patients are required to have their teeth cleaned before other fillings are completed. This service is provided, as well as a significant amount of time to discuss how the patient/applicant found themselves in their current situation.

Dental disease is preventable and the proper education and tools will be provided so patients can reduce their risk of progression of this disease in the future.