Unfortunately, we are not accepting any new applications, as of Dec. 31 - 2021.

Fundy Dental Community Project Policies

Below are the Policies of the FDCP Program to which a successful applicant must agree before treatment is rendered.

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Applicants agree to provide accurate information to the best of their ability (personal, medical, dental, and financial data). There are no age limits to apply for treatment in FDCP other than patients must be over 15 yrs old (patients younger than this should have preventative and basic dental care performed at a general dentist office under the current MSI dental program with GSC).

The applicant acknowledges that many other patients are waiting for treatment in the limited FDCP appointment times, and as such all scheduled appointments must be respected. It is mandatory for patients to be present for a scheduled appointment in this program; applicants may be dismissed from the program if they do not comply.  A courtesy reminder call will be given in advance of the appointment time, but patients are responsible to keep all scheduled appointments even if they cannot be reached by FDCP staff the day before. Rescheduling an appointment is allowed if 48 hours’ notice is given.

Once applicants are qualified and placed into an appropriate category, they will be contacted about the balance they will be responsible to pay prior to each appointment. Payment for each appointment is received by FDCP at the time of scheduling, and may not be reimbursed if the patient does not show for their scheduled appointment without appropriate notice.

The applicant acknowledges the scope of treatment provided by this FDCP program. Other treatment options may be discussed, even if they cannot be provided under the constraints of this program. Successful applicants have one year to complete the proposed treatment (based on the date of the initial examination and radiographs), otherwise their status in the program will expire and will be reconsidered only upon re-application, under special circumstances.

Dental disease and necessary treatment is an ongoing phenomenon.  Subsequent treatment needs related to work completed in the FDCP are not eligible once patients have been dismissed from the program.

This program is meant to relieve patients from pain and help them gain control of their dental health. There is no recall aspect or long term treatment planning with the current scope of the FDCP program. Patients that have successfully completed their treatment with FDCP are encouraged to find a dentist in their area and to have regular preventative dental services in a general practice setting.

The Fundy Dental Walk-in Clinic is run as a separate entity to the FDCP program.  Patients that have yet to be formally qualified for the FDCP program are treated in the same manner as the general population in the Emergency Clinic. If a successful applicant has a dental emergency while awaiting their scheduled appointment, they are able to have the single emergency treatment completed under their FDCP eligible category. Qualified applicants cannot use the Walk-in Emergency clinic model to have their FDCP approved treatment plan completed, these appointments have specific scheduled times.

All applicants must have at least one hygiene appointment. This includes a discussion to help the patient understand how the patient/applicant found themselves in their current situation. Dental disease is preventative, and the proper education and tools will be provided so patients can reduce their risk of progression of dental disease in the future. Patients acknowledge the above statement, agree to disclose appropriate personal and social factors that have contributed to their current state of dental health, and will actively work to avoid preventable dental disease in the future (ie. nutritional changes and improve oral hygiene habits).

Patients that do not comply with a basic level of personal oral hygiene may be disqualified from this program. Any inappropriate behaviour or abusive language toward health care providers or staff can disqualify an applicant from this program. Patients will not receive reimbursement of funds if they are disqualified from the FDCP program (application fee and/or scheduled appointment deposits).

Applicants consent to supplementary photography, filming, x-rays, and additional professional staff observing the procedure, as deemed appropriate.

Any clinical records taken in this FDCP program and specific case details may be included in future patient presentations and media content, provided the identity of the patient is not revealed.

Patients are asked to complete a post-treatment questionnaire upon completion of the FDCP program.

Download our Application Form and submit the completed form and $50 Treatment Planning Fee in person to Fundy Dental Centre, for qualification into this program. For more information about the complete program details read: Program Description