Applicants must meet all of the personal, financial, and dental-need criteria for acceptance into the FDCP program.

1) Personal: A completed application form, personal statement, and a personal reference must be submitted with all the necessary details and supplemental information included.

2) Financial Considerations: Applicants must submit their Revenue Canada NOAs (Notice of Assessment) for the previous 2 years for all family members. Federal Low-Income Levels are used to gauge eligibility for acceptance in the FDCP Program.

3) Dental Needs: Applicants must have significant dental disease that has a negative impact on their general health or employment status.

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Treatment provided in FDCP is not free, but provided at a highly subsidized rate. The cost of treatment for eligible patients is set at an hourly rate instead of the typical fee for service model.

  • Basic dental services are provided at a cost of $100 per hour of dental time.  (These basic services include fillings and root canals.)
  • Dental hygiene services are provided at a cost of $50 per hour of dental time.

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You can download an application from our website, or you can come by our office and pick one up at your convenience.

For step-by-step instructions on our application process, please refer to our ‘How to Apply’ page.

It’s okay! Forms can be confusing to understand and exhausting to complete sometimes.

If you need help with understanding questions on the application or to complete the forms,  please call or come by our office and ask to speak to our Program Coordinator. They will be happy to assist you.

Applicants will be notified within two weeks after their Examination appointment whether or not they qualify for the FDCP program.

The FDCP is located inside the Fundy Dental Centre: 7322 Highway 1, Coldbrook, NS

Our immediate service area is the Annapolis Valley. However, FDCP patients have traveled from as far as Truro and Yarmouth for treatment.

Thank you in advance for your generous support! There are several methods for donating to FDCA | Fundy Dental Community Project.

General Donations – Please click HERE for more info.

Corporate Sponsors – Please click HERE for more info.

All general monies donated to FDCA will support low-income patients in the FDCP to reduce their costs toward this highly subsidized dental treatment provided. In no way are the individual dentists involved in the project or Fundy Dental Centre able to benefit from your donation or profit from their participation in the project.

Monies, in-kind donations, and grants specifically given towards our 2020 Capital Campaign will be spent towards the project of opening a FDCP clinic which will be located on the upper level of the Fundy Dental Centre. More details to come on this exciting project!