Unfortunately, we are not accepting any new applications, as of Dec. 31 - 2021.

Impact Measurables | 2017- current

Qualified Applicants Accepted
$ 500000
In Dental Services Provided
$ 75000
Total Paid by Patients for Treatment
$ 70000
Lab Costs Paid by the FDCA
$ 350000
Fundy Dental Centre Subsidy (FDCA Partner)

FDCA | Executive Summary for the FDCP

The Fundy Dental Community Association established the Fundy Dental Community Project [FDCP] to provide highly subsidized* dental care for those that cannot afford it. It is a unique program initiated by local dentists to provide basic dental services to motivated, low-income youth and adults to complete a treatment plan aimed at treating their current dental disease. This program was developed to establish a healthy oral condition in qualified patients, and provide them with the education necessary to maintain their improved oral health status. 

Patients involved in this program are chosen through an application process which includes an assessment of their current dental health, financial status and desire to restore their oral health.  A complete examination and appropriate radiographs will be taken to develop an individual treatment plan.

(*) Treatment provided in FDCP is not free, but provided at a highly subsidized rate.

Find out more about the project.  Read the full program description (Program Description

Objectives of the FDCP:

  1. Facilitate the treatment of basic dental services to motivated, and qualified low-income families who would otherwise not seek preventative dental care due to financial constraints.
  2. Educate patients about the etiology of dental disease so that a change in habits can facilitate the patients maintaining a healthy dentition for the rest of their lives.
  3. Increase public awareness on the impact of poor oral health on individual patient’s well-being and general overall health.

Limitations of the FDCP:

  • The dental treatment and services in FDCP is not free of charge, but rather patients must pay a nominal fee based on a rate per hour, which is different than a traditional fee-for-service model
  • Not all persons that cannot afford preventative dental care will be eligible for this program
  • All basic dental services are included; however, major dental services and treatment options may not be available through the FDCP program
  • Only a limited number of applicants can be processed during a given period of time
  • Services provided through the FDCP are limited to treatment of the immediate presenting problem and the treatment plan, which is developed and communicated to the patient at the time of enrolment. Future dental treatment is the responsibility of the patient in a general practice setting.

FDCP's Impact:

Treatment through the FDCP has life-impacting results for program patients, even beyond improving their oral health. This type of opportunity can be an invaluable turning point and a catalyst toward a future built on stronger mental/emotional/physical well-being; helping patients overcome obstacles that they previously felt were insurmountable, and opening doors to more opportunities.

CRA Registered Charity: Fundy Dental Community Association #BN 754741098 RR0001