Why Become a Corporate Sponsor?

It is an unfortunate reality that many people are unable to afford basic dental treatment due to limited income and lack of dental insurance. Their financial obstacles prevent them from seeking treatment, and as a result they often experience pain, infection and significant dental problems. In turn, this can lead to poor self-esteem, social anxiety, and difficulty gaining employment.

Treatment through the FDCP has life-impacting results for program patients, even beyond improving their oral health. This type of opportunity can be an invaluable turning point and a catalyst toward a future built on stronger mental/emotional/physical well-being; helping patients overcome obstacles that they previously felt were insurmountable, and opening doors to more opportunities.

Corporate Sponsorships and Donations are the lifeline of the work we do, and each and every dollar makes a difference to someone’s quality of life! If your company’s values align with this project, please consider becoming a Corporate Sponsor through financial or in-kind contributions. Patients from the Annapolis Valley region and surrounding communities across Western Nova Scotia will be the beneficiary of your valuable contributions.

All general monies donated to FDCA will support the FDCP program, directed toward the subsidized dental treatment provided to our low-income patients. In no way are the individual dentists involved in the project or Fundy Dental Centre able to benefit from your donation or profit from their participation in the project.

Donations for the Fundy Dental Community Project can be made to our Registered Charity, Fundy Dental Community Association
Please contact us at info@fundycommunity.com if you would like to discuss sponsorships further. 

FDCP | Sponsors & Partners

What are the benefits of being a Corporate Sponsor?

Companies donate to FDCP because they recognize the value in providing this service to members of local communities and give their financial and/or in-kind support to help maintain the long-term sustainability of FDCP.

All Sponsors who donate to support the FDCP program will be acknowledged for their donations by having their name included on a plaque that will be displayed in the waiting room of FDCA | Fundy Dental Community Project’s dental clinic, and their branding/name will be included on our online Donor History reports, noting their sponsorship level. Partner-level Sponsors will also be recognized by having their logo included on our website Sponsor Banner, and in media coverage and publications, social media, and other publications, for the annual duration of the donation period.

Sponsorship Levels:

  • Donor $49
  • Friend $50 – $99
  • Patron $100 – $249
  • Silver Sponsor $250 – $499
  • Gold Sponsor $500 – $999
  • Platinum Sponsor $1000 – $4999
  • Long Term Sponsor ≥$1000+/year
  • Partner $5000 +

CRA Registered Charity: Fundy Dental Community Association #BN 754741098 RR0001