Unfortunately, we are not accepting any new applications, as of Dec. 31 - 2021.

FDCP Application Process

Please Note: Treatment provided in FDCP is not free, but provided at a highly subsidized rate for patients who are qualified and accepted into the program.

Interested patients must complete an application form to qualify for this program. The application is intentionally thorough to determine the patient’s desire and motivation to improve their dental health. As part of this application, prospective patients must agree to each of the program policies and rules by signing their initials to each line to confirm their agreement to the program terms.

Once the application is complete, please either mail it to our office or drop it by the Fundy Dental Centre.

Our Program Coordinator will contact you once your application has been reviewed, to let you know if you pass the first steps of qualification and will then book you in for the final step which is the Examination Appointment.

The Program Coordinator will contact you to book your Examination. To book this appointment you will need to pay a $50 Treatment Planning Fee*

(*) The Treatment Planning Fee applies to your Examination appointment;  during which you will receive a comprehensive oral examination by a dentist and all necessary radiographs to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

The Examination is a mandatory part of the process to determine if you are eligible for acceptance into the FDCP program.  During this appointment you will receive a comprehensive oral examination by a dentist and all necessary radiographs to develop an appropriate Treatment Plan.

Applicants will be notified whether or not they qualify for acceptance into the FDCP program within two weeks after their Examination.

If you are approved, you will then be contacted to discuss your Treatment & Financial Plan.

If your application is declined, you will be informed of the reason (based on the criteria for acceptance).

Information the Application Form will Require:

Personal Statement Form (completed by the Applicant)
– How has your dental condition negatively affected your life?
– What are you hoping to achieve by restoring your oral health?

Confidential Financial Information
– Copies of the last two years Notice Of Assessments (NOA) from the Canada Revenue Agency for the patient and their spouse, or common law partner or parent. (Federal Low Income Cut-Offs are used as a guide for qualifying applicants.)

Personal Information, Medical and Dental History Questionnaire
– Fundy Dental Centre standard health information form.

Personal Reference Form
– The Personal Reference Template Form must be completed by the individual chosen as your personal reference. Any adult non-relative can act as a personal reference.
Note: This form should explain (1) the ways the applicant’s oral health has negatively affected their life, (2) the applicant’s need and desire to see their dental health improved, and (3) whether or not the personal reference would recommend the patient for treatment in the FDCP program.

Agreement to FDCP Program Rules & Policies
– The applicant must agree to all of the program rules and policies by marking each line with their initials.

Any questions can be emailed to