Note: Covid-19 Impact Updates for the Capital Campaign

Due to the impacts COVID-19 has had on supply chains globally, the impacts it has had on fundraising efforts since March 2020, and due to the associated unknowns that are still before us, we have recently restructured our Capital Campaign into two phases. This will allow the FDCP program to resume treating patients as quickly as possible while we continue to raise funds and collect necessary equipment/supplies to move onto Phase 2.


Goal:  Open a one-chair dental clinic in the lower level of the Fundy Dental Centre.

Timeline*:  We began outfitting the lower-level space in early October 2020. We are currently on target to complete and open the Phase 1 space by spring of 2021.

(Note: Non-fixed equipment/supplies will be able to be moved to the Phase 2 space, and will be deducted from the total full-scope budget.)


Goal:  Completion of the original full-scope of work, resulting in a full dental clinic on the second floor of the Fundy Dental Centre.

Timeline*unknown  (potentially 1-2 yrs.)

(*) The development of the new clinic space, and the installation of dental equipment will be scheduled based on a few determining factors: construction timelines, supplier delivery times, other funding receipt timelines, and any associated delays to funding and sourcing of other equipment/supplies due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and associated mandated operational shut-downs. For any of these reasons, or any other unforeseen reasons, we may need to extend the date of completion or redefine the original Scope of Work.